Amaro Pellegrino, Trapani, Sicily
Amaro Pellegrino, Trapani, Sicily

Amaro Pellegrino, Trapani, Sicily


A Sicilian digestif, combining bitterness and sweetness from the great winemaking firm Pellegrino.

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Pellegrino Amaro is produced from a carefully selected blend of Sicilian herbs and then blended with distilled wine sourced exclusively grapes grown in the island’s Marsala Denominazione d’Origine Protetta (DOC). The resulting Amaro is aged more than five years in Slovenian oak casks ranging in size from 1,300-2,100 gallons.

Pellegrino Amaro is amber in color, with a complex spiciness and hints of dried fruit flowers, tobacco, coffee, caramel, candied fruit and vanilla; its taste is dry, persistent with freshness and acidity. It is traditionally enjoyed as an after-dinner digestive, and, increasingly, an essential ingredient in both classic and innovative cocktails.

Pellegrino Amaro is an ideal match with seasoned and herbal cheeses, or enjoyed together with dried fruits and sweet, ricotta-based pastries.

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