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Review Andreas Ziniel 2021 Zini 1 Liter, Austria

Andreas Ziniel 2021 Zini 1 Liter, Austria

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This is one of those natural wines that really plays with your mind. The color has a dark tint to it, but you can almost see through it. The nose is super floral and expressive and then on the palate you get dark fruit characteristics.

A blend of Welshriesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Muskateller and Zweigelt (that’s where the color comes from!) this wine is best served with a chill. A combination of dark cherries and candied cherries hit your palate first acting in contrast with the jasmine and orange blossom you get on the nose. White peach and ripe strawberry notes bring a freshness to the wine and add depth. Soft floralness does dry up the finish a touch, but the fruit does linger.

The Wine Country.
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