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Review Barrell "Infinite Barrel" Cask Strength American Whiskey

Barrell "Infinite Barrel" Cask Strength American Whiskey

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Think Solera Method with a twist. Using the same casks over and over again, the Barrell team will almost fully empty a barrel, leaving a portion in of the aged whiskey to blend with the fresh Whiskey they are putting in.

What I found really interesting about this spirit is that while it is light, there is a ton of layers to it. With each sip you are discovering a new piece of the puzzle. A subtle smokiness lingers though out your drinking experience, but never takes over. Up front, the smokiness is paired with floral characteristics and hints of toffee. A wave of richness comes in the form of caramel, vanilla and butterscotch that coats the palate. Slight minerality lightens up the finish pairing with the subtle smokiness.

The Wine Country.
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