A Beer Match Made in Heaven

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A Beer Match Made in Heaven

Sometimes, a great beer and food pairing just happens. It happened to my wife and me with an extraordinary brew and a bowl of Vietnamese Pho.

As the beer buyer here at The Wine Country, I make it a point to try to take home and try one of every new beer I bring in.  That way I will be knowledgeable about the flavor profile and be able to direct my customers toward the perfect brew they are looking for.


Recently, we brought in a special can release from Three Magnets Brewing Company called “Oliver” a 5.2% Extra Special Bitter (ESB) $3.89 per 16 oz. can.  ESBs are not normally my go-to style of beer, however I can’t recall having a beer from Three Magnets that has ever disappointed me.



So as I normally do, I took one home to split with my beer-loving wife so I could also get her opinion on it.  Once she got home from work she was just too tired to cook dinner, so we decided to order in some Pho.  When the food was delivered, I opened up the beer fridge and asked what beer she wanted to split with for dinner?  She saw the can of “Oliver” and said “Is that an ESB?  I’ll bet that pairs perfectly with Pho.”


We cracked open the can and split it 60-40 as we always do and shared it with dinner. 




She sure does know everything, just like she says. The very subtle amount of bitterness completely complimented the great garden flavors provided by the mushrooms, and bean sprouts in the soup.  And the flavor of the broth of the Pho was in complete harmony with the light, crisp, slightly hoppy ESB.  If you’re looking for a great and easy dinner pairing, order in your favorite Pho restaurant and crack open a can of this very Extra “Special” Bitter.


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