April 2018 Wine of the Month

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April 2018 Wine of the Month

You will be reaching for this "baby Sancerre" all year long. Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc so refreshing, so alive, you'll find yourself kicking yourself that you didn't buy more!

2016 Domaine de la Villaudiere Val de Loire Sauvignon Blanc

Reverdy & Fils


The family name Reverdy has been associated with France’s Loire Valley and Sancerre in particular for as far back as the 1600s. I know we here at The Wine Country have seen as many as five completely different labels all bearing proudly the name Reverdy, each their own winery. This Domaine De La Villaudiere is one that is flashing that famed family name across the bottom of the front label. I guess when your family name is synonymous with top quality Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley it makes sense to use it right? 


Domaine De La Villaudiere is located in the village of Virdigny, a commune of Sancerre and their estate looks out upon the famous Hill of Sancerre. Family run and operated where they practice sustainable farming for their tiny 4,000 case production of this lip-smacking, crave inducing Sauvignon Blanc.


While the fruit comes from just outside of Sancerre, I would defy anyone to think it was anything but just that, Sancerre. Mineral rich, grapefruit, citrus oil, fresh cut grass with a scrape of lovely, balancing acidity. Many of the Loire Valley Sauvignon Blancs are showing lots of beautiful floral notes which inspires keeping our noses buried in the glass. We were flatly stunned by the quality of this wine for this price. Poured it at a Saturday tasting and watched the cases fly. Load up. Make it your summer wine.

$13.99 per bottle   $167.88 per case


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