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Baseball & Beer

Author Nic Bradley celebrates the arrival of baseball season with, what else? Craft beer!

April is here and that can only mean one thing. IT’S BASEBALL SEASON! Nothing pairs better than sitting down watching a baseball game with a nice cold craft beer and a hotdog (or veggie dog for the vegetarians out there). Let’s talk about what style beers pair exceptionally well with your nine innings of pure bliss.


We live in Southern California. So these day games in the dog days of summer can get hot! For these games, whether you’re at the ball park or at home, you’ll want to grab something lighter and thirst quenching. Try going for something like a pale ale, session IPA or maybe a pilsner. Think lower Alcohol by Volume and big flavors!


Good grabs at The Wine Country for this include:


  • Fremont Brewing “Sky Kraken” Hazy Pale Ale 5.5% ABV - $1.99/ 12oz Can
  • Pizza Port “Ponto” Session India Pale Ale 4.5%ABV - $1.79/ 16oz Can
  • Brouwerij West “Popfuji” Unfiltered Pilsner 5%ABV - $3.19/16oz Can


As my (much) better half has always said: There’s nothing better than a cold [Pizza Port] Ponto and day baseball!


Night game baseball! It’s the end of the day. You’ve survived another long and draining day at work. Time to reward yourself! Or, maybe you had a great day at work. In that case, time to take it to the next level! Either way, you can’t go wrong with a wonderful Hazy or West Coast IPA. Or even take it up a notch and get a double IPA. Why not? You earned it. Think mid to slightly high Alcohol by Volume with plenty of hops!


Good grabs at The Wine Country include:


  • Modern Times “Booming Rollers” Hoppy Citra India Pale Ale 6.8%ABV - $3.29/ 16oz Can
  • Foreign Objects “Death Posture” Hazy Double India Pale Ale 8.1%ABV - $5.49/ 16oz Can


Uh, oh. Extra inning baseball. All bets are off here. This game could be over next inning or could be over next day. Who knows? If you’re at the stadium then you’re already out of luck because they stopped serving beer in the seventh. But if you happen to be at home then you’re in good shape still! Some weird stuff always happens in extra innings so get out of your comfort zone and try something wild and new! Sours? Barrel aged stouts? Tea infused wheat ales? The sky’s the limit!


Good grabs at The Wine Country include:


  • Mikkeller “Passion Pool” Sea Salt and Passion Fruit Gose 5%ABV - $3.49/ 16oz Can
  • New Holland “Dragon’s Milk Reserve: Orange Chocolate” Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout 11%ABV - $4.99/ 12oz Bottle
  • Marz “Jungle Boogie” Pale Wheat Ale With Rooibos Tea 5.5%ABV - $5.89/ 16oz Can


Baseball and beer, the perfect pairing. Come on in and we will find the perfect brew for your 9 innings.


You may have noticed there were quite a few hoppy beers recommended. If that was something that got your mouth watering then make sure you sign up for our tasting on April 17th! Some of the best hoppy IPAs and pale ales we can get our hands on right now!


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