Bisson 2018 Glera, Veneto, Italy--May White Wine of the Month

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Bisson 2018 Glera, Veneto, Italy--May White Wine of the Month

It is so good, I was willing to fight for it!

Those of you who have been shopping at The Wine Country for some time might have figured out that I have pretty strong opinions, and don’t find it all too difficult to share them. Not sure if it is an Irish thing or that raised by a single mom thing, but arguing for what I think is right is not all that difficult for me.


So, believe it or not, we do go through a pretty exacting process when we are deciding on a Wine of the Month here at The Wine Country.  We always have our customers in mind and “good enough” is not good enough for you all.  We strive for the absolute best wine for the best price, all the while keeping the weather and season in mind.  Now, this Stay-in-Place situation we are all dealing with kind of throws seasonality out of the equation, and mood seems to be something we are all very aware of right now.  One very telling thing I started to notice right away, people are partaking in lots of bubble drinking!


The sales of sparkling wine have continued to tick upward each week.  Not sure if it is that people are jumping into happy hour mood just a little sooner while working from home, or if people are seeking light, fun, frothy refreshment right now, but the numbers are right in front of us, you guys want bubbles.


We actually had a couple of really compelling contenders for our May Wine of the Month.  There was a juicy but restrained red from the South of France, a crispy little white from California and a handful of others that had us going back and forth on what might be our best option.  In the end there were two wines that we couldn’t budge on.


Now as I mentioned above, I’m not afraid to speak my mind to anyone most days, but when it is your boss on the other end of the arguing stick it often behooves a smart person to acquiesce.  I said I was opinionated, not smart, so I went round and round with Randy about what would be the most excellent Wine of the Month for May.  

Can I just tell you, that Randy Kemner is a formidable opponent.  His arguments for the tremendous value in the Barbera he was gunning for are indisputable; the wine is utterly delicious and worth way more money.  It deserves Wine of the Month for sure, but I just could not ignore those bubble numbers, those people seeking some frothy relief right now, so I fought on.  Randy is the boss, he can in the end do whatever he chooses and thinks is right, but there are two other factors at play here, 1) He does in fact trust me and my palate, and 2) He forgot to factor in the fact that I am female so my powers of persuasion, (Ahem, manipulation) are also a force to be reckoned with.


“So Randy”, I began, “what if we had two Wines of the Month?” It was a draw and we all win.


This addictive bubbly white wine from Italy is made from the Glera grape, the same variety the use to make Prosecco which is on fire in terms of popularity right now. Winemaker Pierluigi Lugano was longtime friends with a winery owner that produced a Prosecco of his own.  Pierluigi’s friend was frustrated that people were not willing to pay a slightly higher price for fruit from a vineyard that had some gnarly old vine Glera.  The friend was considering ripping the old vines out, but Pierluigi convinced him to sell the beautifully concentrated fruit to him.   And that’s how Pierluigi began making this Bisson Glera.  


Bottled under crown cap, this wine is a sheer pleasure to drink.  Bright snappy peaches, fresh cut grass, hints of lemon and basil.  The tiny bubbles dance across the palate leaving it tingling and aching for more.  We brought in the first five cases as a test run and they were gone in 2 days.  

Never buy one bottle, always two, and at 11% alcohol you can “Drink it by the gallons” as the staff has been saying since we got it in.  This one, this one was worth the fight and you owe it to yourself to get some!—Samantha Dugan

$15.99 per bottle    $191.88 per case


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