Chocoholic Report: Our Top 10 Sellers

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Chocoholic Report:  Our Top 10 Sellers

You can't miss 'em if you're standing at our checkout counter. They seduce you until you are helpless to resist!

It's kinda fun to observe our checkout counter from time to time to see how many customers are drawn to our chocolate rack, a permanent fixture built right between our cash registers!


Quite a few of our customers succumb to the temptation, and judging by our sales, are taking home some pretty alluring chocolate products.


I thought it might be fun to share with you our top ten chocolate lines based upon year-to-date sales.


#10  Celebre Peanut Butter Balls, Costa Mesa, CA  2 pack $5.50

New acquisition, sure to move up in the rankings.  Silky-smooth, irresistible, melt-in-your mouth.


#9  Noi Sirius Icelandic Chocolate Bars, Reykjavik  $9.99 ea.

Surprisingly compelling.  2 bars in each pack.


#8  Charles Chocolates, San Francisco  $7.99 ea.

Ingeniously sliced to view inside-out.  Take your pick.


#7  Dandelion Chocolate Bars, San Francisco  $8.50 and $12 for super-dark

Serious chocolate for serious choco-philes.


#6  Bovetti Chocolate Bars, Dordogne, France  $8.99 ea.

Look in the celophane.  How can you resist?


#5  Ritter Sport Chocolate Bars, Germany $3.79 ea.

More nuts, more chocolate, more sweet flavors.


TIE:  #3  Rabitos Chocolate Covered Figs, Spain  89¢ ea.

A whole lot of people love their dried figs this way!


TIE:  #3  Seattle Chocolate Truffle Bars, Seattle, WA  $3.99 ea.

Innovative flavors with ganache inside.


#2  Chocolove Bars, Boulder, CO  $3.99 ea.

Belgian Chocolate crafted in Boulder.  Crunchy, addictive flavors, with a love poem in each label.


#1  John Kelly Truffle Fudge, Los Angeles CA $3.50 to $14.99 ea.


Who can resist the chocolaty, rich fudge?  No one.



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