Copper & Kings, a new jewel in the Louisville crown

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Copper & Kings, a new jewel in the Louisville crown

A review of two new American Brandies from Jeremy's second favorite city; Louisville.

So I will be honest, if you tell me something you're representing, distributing or producing is from Louisville Kentucky, I'm already halfway sold on it. My second home is an awesome city, so really, almost anything made in that city has to be awesome as well. So when Rebecca Votel introduced herself as the Representative for Copper & Kings American Brandy, located in Louisville, I was very happy to make an appointment with her to try their products. While I agree it is a bit out of the norm to hear about a distilled spirit coming out of "Bourbon Country", that isn't Whiskey, if you've ever been to Louisville, you know that out of the ordinary is what the city prides itself on.

Joe Heron wasn't always in the Brandy business. He was actually the Owner of Crispin Cider, which we also happen to sell, before moving to Louisville to start his current adventure. Why Louisville? Well besides the fact that it's an awesome town, it is also home to one of the world's best Copper and Brasswork companies, Vendome. It also happens to be a Hub for UPS, giving Joe the chance to send his Brandies to almost anywhere in the world. And just like making Brandy in Kentucky makes you standout, Louisville, as a city, stands out like a Red Blade of grass in the Blue Grass State. While it still has its Southern Charm, it has a feel of a busy city like Chicago or Boston. A unique City deserves something a little out of the ordinary, and while there are plenty of characters in Louisville, a company like Copper & Kings American Brandy fits in perfectly.   


Un-aged Apple Brandy

Using their connections from their Cider making days, the folks at Copper & Kings  are using Michigan Apples for their entry level Spirit. You'll be surprised how smooth this un-aged Apple Brandy is. Hints of candied apple up front make it light and gives you a quick pop on the taste buds. A combination of the pulp and skin of red apples gives the Brandy texture and a luscious mouthfeel which leads it to being very smooth and delicate overall.

$35.99 per bottle


American Brandy

Made with Colombard, Muscat and Chennin Blanc grapes, this Solar Style Aged Brandy is matured in both used Bourbon casks and New American oak, with only 10% of it seeing the new wood. The result is an American Brandy that Cognac drinkers would enjoy. Rich notes of coco and red apple fruit pair with each other nicely, the coco giving the spirit a kiss of sweetness, the apple gives it freshness to balance it out. Due to the oak spice, the juicy red apple takes on a baked apple characteristic which works wonderfully with the delicate creamy vanilla that appears on the finish.

$39.99 per bottle


If you drive around Louisville you see banners everywhere highlighting famous people either from the town or who adopted the town as their own. You will see faces like Muhammad Ali, Diane Sawyer, Tom Jackson and Jennifer Lawrence. People the city are proud to say "We helped raise them". While Joe Heron is fully grown, if Copper & Kings American Brandy keeps up what they are doing and make their mark in Louisville, I'm guessing we will end up seeing a banner around town reading "Joe's Louisville".


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