Drinking like an Irish Native.

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Drinking like an Irish Native.

On March 17th of every year, the whole world becomes Irish. While we may not all pay homage to the Patron Saint of Ireland on St. Patrick's Day, we all do imbibe in the magic elixir that very well may be more known than the origins of the day itself; Irish Whiskey. Just like the rest of the Whiskey world, Irish Whiskey has seen a boom in the last 5-10 years, in both the number of Whiskies being made and the amount that is being exported around the world. When I was 21, if I asked for Irish Whiskey, I was expecting it to be Jameson, like many of you were just a half decade ago. But those in Ireland have known some great secrets that we're now just finding out ourselves; there's more to Irish Whiskey than just Jameson. So this year, why not get more in touch with your Irish side and drink the way the Natives do.



West Cork "The Pogues" The Official Irish Whiskey of the Legendary Band

Made in collaboration with the Celtic Punk band The Pogues, West Cork has blended together 7-10 year single malt whiskey and 7 year grain whiskey to get this wonderfully smooth Irish Whiskey. The result is a whiskey with a combination of dried apricot and butterscotch giving it a fresh pop to go with the richness. Hints of vanilla on the finish add a creaminess to round out the spirit, making it very smooth.  


West Cork 10 Year Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Spending 10 years in used Bourbon barrels gives this Irish Whiskey some bold flavors that are easy to enjoy. A combination of toast oak (charred oak, woodsy spice characteristics) and dark chocolate result in a rich mouth coating profile. Softer notes of banana and apricot add a fresh fruitiness that lightens the spirit up while also adding to the depth of the Whiskey. 


Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey

A much more traditional Irish Whiskey than Teeling's Small Batch, this single grain Whiskey has bright red apple up front giving it the soft and balanced flavors Irish Whiskies are known for. Coating vanilla and toffee and a decadents to the spirit while subtle oak spice and delicate fruit round it out. 


Lord Lieutenant Kinahan's Blended Irish Whiskey

Aged for a minimum of 6 years in Bourbon Barrels, the Lord Lieutenant Kinahan Blended Irish Whiskey is a mouthfeel of rich, smooth flavors. Rich coco and toasted caramel coat your palate while hints of dried apricot add a balance to the finish of it. 


Barr An Uisce Wicklow Rare Whiskey

It's not often that you find an Irish Whiskey that is so unique some might confuse it for a Blended Scotch. Pronounced Bar-on-ishka, this Whiskey from Redcross County has more depth than people sometimes expect from an Irish Whiskey. Soft smokiness, red apple and delicate caramel give you some familiar flavors and one unfamiliar when it comes to Irish Whiskey. The smoke lingers and is paired with hints of minerality on the finish that allow the caramel and smoke flavors to linger.


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