Enjoying Tequila

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Enjoying Tequila

These Premium Tequilas are So Good, You'll Want to Savor Them, Not Shoot Them.

If you haven’t been to one of our liquor tastings yet, you’ve been missing out. Our first one was bourbon and rye whiskey, followed by the wonderful world of rum. But for April, we’re gonna switch it up and take a trip south of the border and enjoy some tequila.


Now before you have flashbacks to a night of one-too-many shots in college, let me tell you that Tequila is so much more complex and delicious than the jet fuel you’ve shot at a bar. Similar to what we learned with rum, producers are making expressions intended for sipping, not shooting.


So on April 25 at Delius Restaurant I’m featuring 10 tequilas from some of my favorite producers.

Fortaleza - Despite only being around since 2005, the family behind Fortaleza has been involved in the industry for 140 years. There’s always progress in any industry, but Fortaleza uses methods dating back to the 1800’s to make a clean, traditional tequila unlike any other. A basic way to classify tequila is highland vs. lowland, and being a lowland tequila, Fortaleza, at least the Anejo, is rich in notes of caramel, vanilla and some pepper spice, and is my favorite tequila we sell. And at $79.99, the opportunity to try it without committing to a bottle is rare and not to be missed.

Arette - Another family owned producer, Arette has recently blown me away with their Artisanal line of tequilas. Soft, delicate, but extremely complex and rich, even their blanco was killer, and that’s never been my favorite style. The highlight though is the extra Anejo, an insanely deep, drinkable tequila I cant get enough of. And unlike most extra Anejos, the retail price is under $100, which is unheard of for something of that quality. It will surely be the highlight of the night.


So to conclude, if you’re a tequila fan like myself, you’re going to want to make a reservation for this event. I have Alfredo — a representative for both Fortaleza and Arette and a nationally renowned tequila judge — coming to walk us through these delightful products. And at $35, it’s a steal, and as always, bottles purchased that night will be 10% off.


Give Delius Restaurant a call to reserve your spot. You just might find the perfect tequila to impress your friends with before Cinco de Mayo! Cheers!  Call Delius at (562) 426-0694.  2951 Cherry Avenue, Signal Hill.


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