Fresh Hop Season

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Fresh Hop Season

Each year, the beginning of September marks the start of fresh hop season.  Even though there is no specific day that signals the start of it, you will start to see fresh hop beers hit the market before the end of the month.


Almost every beer in the country is made with dried hops that have been turned into pellets to help preserve them throughout the year.  


Fresh-hop beers, however, are picked at the farm at optimal ripeness, driven straight to the brewery, and that unique beer is made with fresh, un-dried, hop cones.


Fresh-hop beer has a distinct crispness that is the epitome of freshness.  It has an exaggerated floral characteristic that basically jumps right out of the glass and coats your palate with an abundance of flavor specific to that hop varietal.  


Fresh-hop beers don’t age well, and the freshness will drop off within a few months so they should be consumed immediately for the best experience.  It’s for this reason that most fresh hop beers don’t typically make their way out of Washington State (where 75% of the hops grown in the United States come from).


Luckily for us, though, Fremont Brewing in Seattle does an amazing job brewing their “Field to Ferment” fresh hop beers, canning them, and sending them straight to the distributor who gets it to us within about 7-8 days.  So make sure you grab some next time you’re in!


Great grab at The Wine Country:


Fremont “Field to Ferment” Pale Ale $1.99/12oz can

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