Friday April 9--Virtual Tasting of Woody Creek Whiskies with Master Distiller David Matthews

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Friday April 9--Virtual Tasting of Woody Creek Whiskies with Master Distiller David Matthews

Jeremy Dugan launches his first "Happy Hour with Jeremy" Friday April 9, sampling the trending whiskies of Colorado's Woody Creek Distillery in a virtual tasting with master distiller David Matthews.

Last time I was the spirits buyer at The Wine Country, one of my favorite parts of the job was hosting tastings.  Just as much as you, our customers, enjoyed partaking in them, I enjoyed introducing products to people and letting experts go through what makes their product different from the others.  


Since coming back last January, one thing I have been trying to figure out is how to restart our spirits tastings.  While the store has had success with the Virtual Tastings we have done for wine events, it’s a lot harder to ask our customers to purchase multiple 750ml bottles of spirits and have it be beneficial for both sides.   


After tasting the three whiskies from Woody Creek Distillery, I became very excited when my supplier Alessandro Bermudez, of The Craft Spirits Cooperative, said “They also have a 3-bottle package with a 375ml bottle of each their whiskies.”   


And there it was!  A way for us to highlight a wonderful distillery like Woody Creek and supply our customers with the product at a reasonable price.  


Located in Roaring Fork Valley Colorado, between Aspen and Glenwood Springs, Woody Creek’s mission since opening their doors in 2012 has been using grains either grown on their property or from a trusted Colorado farmer and turning them into pure, delicious libations. And the care that is taken by David and his crew can tasted, which is one of the main reasons I am so interested in this distillery.  Just like in the food we eat; you can tell the difference between GMO vegetables and organic vegetables. The same is for what you drink!  It seems like a lot of the Colorado Distillers understand that, and Woody Creek is no different in that sense.  They start with pure ingredients to give you a pure spirit.


So, allow me to invite y’all to the first installment of Happy Hour with Jeremy featuring Woody Creek Distillery and Master Distiller David Matthews.  We will be tasting and talking about Woody Creek’s Bourbon, Wheated Bourbon and Rye Whiskey.   

Our event will be on April 9th at 6 pm; you can preorder your 3-bottle package ($78.99 +tax) starting now until April 1st and pick up your order in-store starting April 5th.  With your purchase of the 3 bottle combo, you will get the Zoom link that will be used on the night of the 9th.


Woody Creek Distillers 3-Pack  $78.99 

One 375ml bottle each:  Bourbon Whiskey, Wheated Bourbon and Rye Whiskey 

Purchase includes a link to Zoom Event Friday April 9 at 6 p.m. 

With Master Distiller David Matthews 


David will be providing details of the process at Woody Creek and available for questions.  I am very excited to be starting these events up again, and hope this is the first of many Happy Hour with Jeremy, but most of all; I hope you, our loyal customers, are excited about this.  


And I can’t wait to see you all on the 9th.


While you’re waiting, we offer the following Woody Creek whiskies in 750ml format, too: 


Woody Creek Distillery Straight Bourbon Whiskey $48.99 

Woody Creek Distillery Wheated Bourbon Whiskey $58.99 

Woody Creek Distillery Straight Rye Whiskey $48.99 


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