Here Come the Roses!

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Here Come the Roses!

A bit nervier, a bit more refreshing than last year's offerings, the new 2018s are already creating a sensation.

The First of the 2018s Have Arrived and More Are On The Way

Started getting calls the very first week of January this year to start tasting the newest 2018 vintage Rosés from everywhere.  France, Italy, Spain and right here in California. Seems to get earlier each year as everyone has jumped on the Rosé wagon as it were, but as always we are one of the first places importers and sales reps come with their pink wines as we have been selling and promoting Rosé far longer than anyone.


Always difficult to taste these wines when they are so young, but we have been extremely diligent in making sure we are just rushing to fill the front of the store with Rosé; we are making sure that the quality is up to our, and your, standards.  We owe you that, right?!


I will say that the 2018s seem a bit leaner and less fruity than the 2017s.  More mineral with higher acidity, at least the ones we have so far, which is more of that traditional style, and they are showing much more nerve and refreshing.   You gotta love that, righ?


Following are our newest arrivals, and as you all know, keep checking back, we get deliveries almost daily at this time of the year.





2018 Banshee Rosé


Made from a unique blend of Grenache, Barbera and Syrah this Banshee Rose offers delightful balanced red fruits and intriguing spice with a light and soft finish. Easy to adore this one. 

$18.99 per bottle


2018 San Simeon, Rosé

Paso Robles

San Simeon is quickly becoming a favorite brand for our customers here at The Wine Country so we were all in to taste the newest vintage of their Grenache Rose. Deeper in color than many we stock, and there is plenty of plump, forward fruit but while there is a fuller body the wine is still dry and finishes with a zip. Great for grilled meats and porch sipping.

$14.99 per bottle


2018 Broc Love Rosé

Suisun Valley, California

Not only did we fall for the adorable label here, the wine is almost dangerously easy to gulp! Made from a blend of Valdiguie, Zinfandel and Trousseau it is a fun change from the traditional Grenache based Roses from Provence that we’ve grown accustomed to. The addition of Zinfandel might make you think that this is a fruitier style Rose but it is actually on the tangy side, and clocks in at 11% alcohol.

$17.99 per bottle


2018 Arnot-Roberts Rosé


Sort of a nerdy Rose as it is made from mostly Touriga Nacional, a grape mostly used to make Port. There is a cool meaty note on the nose which makes it stand out for sure but then then bright fruit and herbal notes come rushing through on the finish. Full enough to just slurp or for pairing with fuller meat dishes.

$22.99 per bottle


2018 Habit Grenache Rosé

Santa Ynez Valley

This playful, and generous Grenache Rose is a rare treat as they only make 350 cases total annual production. Quite forward with spiced red fruit, just a touch of tart and zingy balancing acidity. Plenty of density here so this Rose can hold up to a wide variety of flavorful dishes.

$19.99 per bottle


2018 Tercero Mourvedre Rosé

Santa Barbara County

Larry Shaffer, winemaker at Tercero, has quite the following here locally and after a glass of this brilliantly balanced Rose you will understand why. Modeled after the wines of France’s Bandol region this fuller textured Rose is bursting with fresh ripe fruit and some cool herbal notes as well. Great with grilled meats!

$23.99 per bottle


2018 Stolpman Para Maria Rosé


A very cool blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc this Para Maria Rose offers lots of tropical fruit but is dry, curvy in texture and with a crisp and super vibrant finish. Quite long and generous.

$18.99 per bottle


2018 A Tribute To Grace Rosé Of Grenache

Highlands Vineyard, Santa Barbara County

Each year we look forward to tasting and sharing this delicate and graceful Grenache rose. New Zealand born Angela Osborne created the A Tribute to Grace in honor of her beloved grandmother and everything she makes is 100% Grenache. The 2018 vintage is super elegant, packed with bright fruit but still dry and racy. Light and breezy texture but with plenty of lift on the finish. Another gorgeous rose from Angela.

$20.99 per bottle



2018 Clos Beyless Cotes de Provence Rosé

“Why the blue bottle?” We hear that at least five times during the Rose season and seeing as we also love seeing the varying shades of pink, we get it. The blue bottles are not a stylistic choice, the bottle is blue in order to protect the delicate pink wine inside from being bruised by the light/sun. It actually makes this rose one of those that you can store/age and not worry about how it’s holding up. This seductive little wine is made from a blend of Cinsault, Syrah and Grenache, the Syrah making up the bulk of the blend. Such a gorgeously pale pink color and a nose that is packed with white stones, watermelon rind and just a hint of anise. One of my personal favorites every vintage and should you want to hold onto summer just a little longer, the blue bottle will keep this delicate and barely pink Rose protected and super fresh.

$25.99 per bottle


2018 Val Joanis Cuvee Josephine Luberon Rosé

Yes, this Rose comes in a cool shaped bottle with a glass stopper but trust us, that has nothing to do with why we bring it in. It’s delicious first and foremost. Made from a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Vermentino, (a white variety) and coming from France’s Luberon, a sun-kissed area in the South, this dry Rose offers plenty of juicy crunch, weight and just the right amount of acidity.

$15.99 per bottle


2018 Saint Roch Les Vignes Cotes De Provence Rosé

Saint Roch has been a favorite here at The Wine Country for nearly 15 years now and we are thrilled to see that they have gone back to their classic label. Made from a blend of Cinsault and Grenache this light bodied, and delicately dry Rose is everything you want from Provencal Rose. Slight bit of melon, river stones, citrus and a wonderful tang on the finish.

$13.99 per bottle


2018 Chateau Vannieres Cotes De Provence Rosé

Chateau Vannieres is actually located in France’s famed Rose region of Bandol but they have some holdings of vine outside the region which is where this value driven Cotes De Provence is from. Made from a blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvedre you will find a Rose with just a touch more weight and depth here. Tart berries, citrus and plenty of mineral all over the palate. The 2018’s are showing loads of nerve and this Vannieres is vibrating with edge.

$15.99 per bottle


  1. Samantha Dugan Samantha Dugan

    Not sure what the Springs Rose is, haven't tasted anything with that name so we are not expecting it anytime soon I am afraid. That said I can look into ordering it for you if you like. Just let me know.

    As for the Miraval, this is wine we don't stock as it is everywhere, in all the grocery stores, so there is no reason for us to stock it. That said, we have lots and lots of Provencal Roses here, and more coming every day. We can happily recommend something for you that is even better and for less movie star money! Come see us, Samantha Dugan

  2. Helaine Helaine

    Has the Springs rose come in yet?
    Can you recommend a rose that is fairly similar to Marival rose? Thanks

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