Little Flower--Big Flavor!

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Little Flower--Big Flavor!

The Pasadena Candy Maker Produces Some of Our Favorite Indulgences

Some of the best things come in the most simple of packages. I knew this the minute I tasted a Little Flower caramel. These special treats come from a hidden gem in our backyard of Pasadena.


Christine Moore, the owner of Little Flower Candy Co. started making caramels and marshmallows at her Highland Park kitchen in 1999 after she retired from being a pastry chef. She has never been classically trained; she is a home baker, like so many that fell in love with her time in the kitchen and the joy of perfecting something so classic and fun. Her goal is this…it is to have fun, keep it simple, keep it fresh, and don’t overthink it.


As a food buyer these are my favorite types of people, they provide delicious, simple food which in my eyes is one of the most impressive things to accomplish in such a competitive market.

Here at The Wine Country we carry all that Little Flower offers to their wholesale clients and are happy to do so. The list includes Sea Salt, Vanilla and Chocolate Caramels, Vanilla, Cinnamon Sugar, and Chocolate Marshmallows; not to mention the special flavors that are offered at holiday time. The packaging is simply beautiful and the taste and quality of the product matches to a “T”. These clear plastic bags, tied with a small colorful bow above a clean black and white label hold caramels that are magic as soon as you pop one in your mouth. The texture is soft, melt in your mouth; you immediately taste the butter and sugar and then slowly the sea salt comes through in a delightful, not overwhelming way. 

A lot of caramels are known to stick to your teeth and become too chewy but not these, Christine has managed to make pillows of caramel that are a balanced combination of texture and flavor. The marshmallows are no different, cut into four squares they are soft, dense and flavorful, just as a marshmallow should be. These come in a variety of flavors and are great to add to desserts, hot cocoa, or just snack on them alone. These sweet treats not only make great gifts or a self-indulgent reward, they make a beautiful addition to our custom made gift baskets.  


Little Flower does not end there; I was delighted to learn and see that there is a full café in Pasadena.  It is a beautiful quaint setting that showcases not only their caramels and marshmallows but there whole expanded line of available products. There is a full menu to select from as well as a case with fresh pastries to satisfy your sweet tooth.

A true gem right here in our own backyard and one that I will be visiting on a regular basis. Thank you Christine for keeping it simple and for sharing your love of baking, I taste the love every time I eat one of your caramels!



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