May Wine of the Month--2017 Parcelleros Malbec Reserva, Mendoza Argentina

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May Wine of the Month--2017 Parcelleros Malbec Reserva, Mendoza Argentina

“Parceleros” is a local name in Mendoza for a small grower or vigneron, and this wine is a tribute to them.  They have practiced sustainable and family viticulture for generations, but never receive any recognition, so this wine is a tribute to them, the real makers of this wine.

Mendoza has a dry climate, which is moderate considering the high altitude, which makes grapes more susceptible to the UV rays.  The cool nighttime temperatures slow down the ripening, slowly developing the grapes to full ripeness without losing their acidity.  The Andes Mountains provide an abundant source of water for irrigation.  


Everything about this wine is done by hand, and is carefully selected by the parceleros working their small blocks hands-on during the whole season through many generations as small family businesses.  The Wine Country is a small family business itself, so we greatly appreciate the hard work of these workers, especially when it creates such a great wine.  Finding a wine that is a little different from the bunch is one of the things The Wine Country prides itself in, along with discovering the best representation of a region or varietal.


This Malbec, I can say, really brings out a different side of Mendoza Malbec. The winemaking process is simple and traditional with minimal intervention, but is started in concrete vats with gentle pumpover to avoid over extraction.  A portion of the wine is then aged in neutral French oak barrels for about 3 months. This produces a fruity, but delicate Malbec with amazing character and with notes of blackberry, plum, and black cherry with hints of cocoa powder, leather, and a light oak note on the finish.

$12.99  per bottle   $155.88  per case


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