Now This Here? This Is What I'm Talking About! More on the 2019 Roses

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Now This Here?  This Is What I'm Talking About!  More on the 2019 Roses

Unable to host our annual Rose Fest, Samantha Dugan has created 2 Sampler Packs of French Roses: a six-bottle assortment and a twelve-bottle assortment.

“So, we have the first batch of 2019 Rose samples here can we come by and taste you on them next Thursday?”


I was a bit taken aback by the question. So much, in fact, I assumed there must be some sort of short circuit happening between my ears and my brain's ability to comprehend verbiage.  A couple long slow blinks, a furrowed brow, and still I was confused.


I looked around the bustling sales floor, store phone receiver still nuzzled between my shoulder and pudgy face, reaching around to my back pocket to retrieve my cell phone.


Yup, Monday December 30th.  The appointment they wanted, to taste the roses from the year we were still in, was for Thursday January 2nd.  Still in the middle of last-minute New Year’s buying and I found myself penciling in an appointment to taste the first of the 2019 vintage French Roses. What the actual hell?


Each year, for the past five or six years, I have been lamenting the fact that not only are there more roses to taste, they were being brought over far too early. With the boom in popularity, a bunch of importers rushed out to add roses their portfolio, and as the market began to flood with pink wine it triggered a frenzy in trying to get wines in front of wine buyers sooner. The downside for us, we are tasting wines that are nowhere near ready to be evaluated as finished wines, and tasting a lot more of them, which believe it or not, is not as great as it sounds. Luckily, we have been at this rose thing far longer than most, so it is a little easier for us to see past the gangly limbs and braces stage and have a pretty accurate idea about the vintage and in most cases, how the wines will settle into themselves.


So normally we would have hosted our Annual Rose Fest by now, but with the current state of things, we are not permitted to offer our tastings at this time, and it makes us as sad as it does many of you. That said, the weather is upon us; it was blazing in my apartment yesterday, and one of the only things that sounded good to me as stayed inside and puddled, an icy glass of Rose!


We are trying to make the best of the situation by offering Rose Samplers for you to take home and enjoy! We’ve put together a 6 pack and 12 pack sampler, both with wines from all over France, not just Provence, (the Loire Roses are showing a little extra something to me this vintage) all from the 2019 vintage and we’ve even included Dale’s Aioli recipe as well as a couple of my favorite veggie recipes that I think taste delightful with roses!

6 Pack Sampler

12 Pack Sampler


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