OCTOBER WINE OF THE MONTH: 2017 Guillaime Gonnet Le Hardi Cotes du Rhone, Rhone Valley, France

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OCTOBER WINE OF THE MONTH:  2017 Guillaime Gonnet Le Hardi Cotes du Rhone, Rhone Valley, France

A juicy, spicy, delicious red wine from the southern Rhone Valley

Okay, so it has been a long string of French wines that we have been featuring for Wine of the Month and I swear, it is not that I have compromising pictures of Randy or that I am arm wrestling my fellow buyers to muscle a win for Wine of the Month in my French department, (though I would take me in a bet on that one) it’s just that we’ve come across such astoundingly great French wines, at shockingly affordable prices, that we couldn’t pass them up. Plus, as we’ve noticed y’all are a bunch of French wine lovers anyway, so it’s a win for all of us!


Guillaume Gonnet is exactly the kind of restless creative that we love showcasing and supporting here at The Wine Country. A passionate surfer that traveled the world to both surf and make wine, Guillaume is now landlocked in the Southern Rhone, with is Australian born wife, he flames his creativity by coaxing Grenache and Syrah from the warm, sunbaked soils, giving them the gentlest of polish, bottling them and shipping them around the globe for us to savor.


Right upfront the juicy Grenache blasts you with mouthwatering fruit and spice. Just the kind of wine you simply cannot wait to tuck into. Bright, playful fruit with hints of cracked pepper and dried herbs splash across the palate, inviting and so affable you are instantly ready to take another sip. Lighter in body but with some firm bone structure leaving the impression of a wine that should cost a whole lot more. Load up, you will be wanting to have plenty on hand with the holidays coming soon.

$12.99  per bottle   $155.88  per case


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