Other People Make Rose?! (Not Just the French!)

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Other People Make Rose?!  (Not Just the French!)

Very different in style and flavor than the dominant Cotes de Provence model, the roses of Italy and Germany, made from the red grapes of their respective regions, have the same thirst-quenching appeal that parched wine lovers are looking for.

Hey, did you know they make rosé in places other than the south of France? Crazy news, right?! Just yanking your chain of course. While Provence has been and will likely be for a long time to come, the pinnacle, and inspiration for dry Rose, there are a plethora or places producing Roses of equal complexity, diversity and gulp-ability. Anyone that travels regularly to wineries here in California will no doubt attest to the increase in offerings but also the very high level of quality Roses being produced here in California. Truly is a testament to how far Rose consumption and fever has come along over the past few years.


France and California are delivering seemingly endless high-quality Roses but over the years we’ve discovered that some other countries are sadly being overlooked when consumers are shopping the Rose department. The top two in our humble Rose opinions? The tart and racy Roses of Germany and the heady, deeper, slightly savory Roses from Italy. Come on everyone! You’ve been ahead of most the United States when it comes to Roses obsession, don’t let this one get away from you. Come in and get you some Italian and German pink wines!


2017 Leitz Pinot Noir Rosé, Rheingau, Germany

This delicately pale pink Rose of Pinot Noir is all about pretty red fruit. Light and breezy on the palate with a wonderful slice of acid and bright citrus notes. Smoked salmon, sausages, cured meats and summer sipping were made for wines like this.

$15.99 per bottle


2017 Salwey Pinot Noir Rosé, Baden, Germany

The Salwey winery has been family owned and operated since 1763 and they practice very eco friendly farming practices. This 2017 Pinot Noir Rose offers good depth of red fruit with hints of summer melon and a tang of lemon rind on the long friendly finish. The nice texture makes it a perfect candidate for drinking with simple salads or as an aperitif.

$17.99 per bottle


 2017 Fattoria Corzano E Paterno Il Corzanello Toscana Rosato, Tuscany, Italy

There are less than 900 cases of this Sangiovese-based Rose made so we feel pretty lucky to be able to offer it to our Rose worshiping customers. Loaded with spice and ripe red fruit with a weighty texture but a clean lift on the finish. Easy to love. Bring on the pasta!

$13.99 per bottle


2017 Von Buhl “Bone Dry” Pinot Noir Rosé, Pfalz, Germany

Von Buhl offered two different labels for the Rose this vintage, one the traditional and one with this wicked cool, somewhat feminine skull label. We couldn’t resist going for the latter as it is so damn cool looking. This is probably the driest of all the German Roses we have right now. Buckets of super tangy red cherries, lime zest and minerals. This ain’t your Real Housewives Rose. This is for the fans of zing and high acidity for sure. Pair with fattier foods to bring out all its elegance.

$16.99 per bottle


2017 Friedrich Becker Petit Rosé, Pfalz, Germany

Here we have the deepest of the German Roses, both in color and in flavor. Made from Pinot Noir, Portugieser and Pinot Meunier and the aromatics reminded of walking into a Farmer’s market. That cool mix of fresh, ripe fruit, wet herbs, flowers and soil. Nice and weighty in the mouth with more floral notes and a cut of sliced lemon. The finish is nice and long and because of the texture you have many pairing options here, grilled skirt steak, grilled chicken, sausages or pork chops. Such a fun wine.

$18.99 per bottle


 2017 Schafer-Frohlich Blanc de Noir Trocken Rosé, Nahe, Germany

Always kind of throws people off this ultra-pale Rose. We here it every vintage, “Is that even a Rose?” because it looks closer to a white wine than a pink one. Rest assured it is made from 100% Pinot Noir. Fresh citrus, herbs and minerals all over the palate with a firm stream of bracing acidity on the finish. Mouth-watering!

$25.99 per bottle


2017 Scaia Rosato, Veneto, Italy

Such a fun and delicate Rose. Made from 100%Rondinella, a grape used for Amarone and Valpolicella, but here it shows such a restrained and buttoned up texture. Very floral on the nose with plenty of ripe fruit with a melon like note. Wonderful lift and grace with more floral notes on the long pretty finish.

$13.99 per bottle


2017 Antoniolo Bricco Lorella Gattinara Vino Rosato, Piedmont, Italy

“Oh my goodness, the nose reminds me of a strawberry fruit roll up!” the first line on my tasting notes for this wine. Not the sweetness of my cherished childhood snack but that cooked strawberry. I knew right away I needed to order this wine for the store. Made from mostly Nebbiolo with Bonarda and Vespolina making up the rest of the mix. Nice weighty mouthfeel with wonderful depth and complexity. The finish is nice and long and there is even a tiny scrape of tannin on the finish.

$15.99 per bottle


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