Sampling IPAs and No Cheating! Putting All Your Senses to the Test

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Sampling IPAs and No Cheating!  Putting All Your Senses to the Test

A Blind Tasting of IPAs will reveal your true preferences, without prejudging price or label recognition.

Bias is one of my least favorite things in the beer world. I’m guilty of this as well, as there are plenty of breweries I either like or dislike and pre-judge their beer before I even try them.  It’s impossible to avoid, but sometimes I think we need a reset.


That’s why, for my September BeerVenture, I’m hosting a blind-IPA taste test. We’ll be going through 12 IPAs, four at a time aligned by style, where you won't know which beer is which.  For the three rounds we’ll be doing a West Coast IPA round, a Hazy IPA round, and an Imperial IPA round.  You won't know what beers you’re drinking, just the style, and you will have to give them unbiased scores.  We’ll then reveal everyone's scores and learn the winner, and not just based on name.


And that's why we do blind tastings.


This is a truly unique event with a plethora of amazing beer, and a fun atmosphere with some to-be eye opening experiences. Don’t miss out! Half the spots are already full. It begins at 7:30 pm on September 19 at The Wine Country, see you then!  For Reservations call (562) 597-8303.


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