SEPTEMBER WINE OF THE MONTH--2017 Couveys Les Petits Greniers Vin de Pays d'Oc Malbec, Languedoc, France

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SEPTEMBER WINE OF THE MONTH--2017 Couveys Les Petits Greniers Vin de Pays d'Oc Malbec, Languedoc, France

A Slam Dunk winner from the south of France.

We are consistently flummoxed by the remarkably high quality, insanely inexpensive wines we get tasted on from France on a weekly basis.   Hard to wrap your head around wines that taste this generous, that come from way across the ocean, that we can sell for under $15.00 retail.  Boggles the mind, but luckily for us, we don’t have to wrap our heads around it too much, we get to happily wrap our palates around them! 


France’s Pays d’Oc is a massive area in the Languedoc and that diverse and sprawling area accounts for approximately 15% of all French wine produced which means they are cranking out more wine in that one area then they produce in New Zealand, the entire country combined!


It can be a bit like the Wild West in that they are permitted 58 different varieties, most of which are labeled with the variety right on the front label, another bonus for them as the rest of the world finds comfort in knowing which grapes are in the bottle. All that said there is a lot of banal to downright poorly made wines being churned out there too, although we have seen a serious uptick in overall quality over the past few years, as more and more enthusiastic young winemakers are purchasing vines in the region after being priced out places like Burgundy and Bordeaux.


The trick to getting stellar wine from Pays D’Oc, well you’re doing it right now by shopping here. Let your wine merchant weed out all the baked tasting or inferior wines for you. That’s what we get paid for and all. We hunt for the gems so you drink better. One Thursday afternoon in July this bottle was presented to us and it was a united team of wine specialists that decided this juicy and forward little Malbec was a shoe-in for Wine of the Month. Everything from the medium weight and vibrant texture, to the explosive fruit, the absolute friendliness and soft tannin structure, all that with a screw cap and for $11.99?! Slam Dunk.

$11.99 per bottle   $143.88 per case


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