Sparkling Wines for the New Year

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Sparkling Wines for the New Year

We've just acquired some new bubblies from Italy and France, sure to please!

We have stockpiled a ton of fun new sparklers just in time for the holidays. A buffet of fizzy fun from all over the globe, most of which sporting price tags that encourage multiple bottle and or case purchases to keep you bubbly all season long.


Along with our usual offerings here are a bunch of fun new items to try!



N.V. De Angelis Passerina, Italy

Passerina is not a grape most of us have ever even heard of, let alone have tasted, but it is a rare variety from Italy’s Marche region. So lookie what you get here! A rare grape variety, you get to taste a sparkling one! Dry with a fair amount of herbal flavors mixed in with the clementine flavors. Light, frothy and super easy to pair with just about anything on the table, aside from dessert.

$13.99 per bottle


N.V. Clara C Brut Rosé

Such a pretty, delicate pink hue here. Aromas and flavors are a delightful combination of wild strawberry and rhubarb with a touch of orange rind. Wonderful for cheese and charcuterie platters, egg dishes, cheeses and having a second or third glass of.

$14.99 per bottle


N.V. Ardenghi Prosecco

Within this fun little bulbus bottle is a wine that drinks like a nice full Pinot Grigio, with a touch more texture and deeper fruit. There is a persistent bead of active bubbles that bounce across the palate and turn up the corners of your mouth into a grin. Drinks finer than many Prosecco I have had at way higher prices.

$15.99 per bottle


N.V. La Casa Dei Fiori Brut

Though made from the same grape, Glera, that makes Prosecco, this wine cannot be called Prosecco as it comes from vines just outside to region permitted to be called Prosecco. We were first impressed by the sleek and modern packaging, but as always we only take in to account what’s in the bottle and believe us when we tell you, this is one crowd pleasing and charming sparkler. Really heavy peaches right away, with just a touch of green, almost like fresh cut wet grass but then followed by more ripe fruit on the long and playful finish. Pop the corks, put the bottles on the table and just watch how quickly they get emptied. Would be delicious with anything that has a touch of heat.

$11.99 per bottle



N.V. Pol Clement Brut

We’ve been stacking the luscious and super-value Brut Rose from Pol Clement for a couple years now so we were very interested to try the Brut when we were asked to sit down for an appointment. More apple than citrus, with a little tart nectarine and a touch of golden raisin. Fruit driven but not sweet. Uncomplicated, friendly and at this price, easy to stock up on.

$8.99 per bottle


N.V. Maison Foucher Cremant De Loire Brut

Made in the traditional Champagne method but made from mostly Chenin Blanc with some added Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, you get some flavors that will be reminiscent of fresh baking bread with apricot and a cut of herbaceous greenness. Super fine bubbles and a finish that leaves a kiss of honey and pears.

$16.99 per bottle


N.V.  M. Bonnamy Cremant De Loire

One sniff and there is zero denying it, this is Loire Valley Chenin Blanc! Pears, spice, lemon rind, slight white button mushroom note and just a hint of toast. Very vibrant and clean, this is a party wine of ever there was one. Love it.

$13.99 per bottle


2015 Chateau Pierre Bise Cremant De Loire Brut

Pierre Bise is one of those highly respected names in France’s Loire Valley and this Chenin Blanc based sparkler lets you know why. Rich texture, full weight in the mouth with deep roasted fall like flavors and aromas. Assertive right away, just this fierce blast of ample and generous fruit but then a more, haunting mineral and chalky core that comes cutting through. Leaner as far as weight goes but powerful in terms of flavor. I want a plate of simply prepared seafood, tangy cheeses or salty potato chips, maybe with some herbed rich dip to dunk them in with this wine.

$22.99 per bottle


2016 Emmanuelle Mellot Vouvray Brut

This is one of those fun wine stories I love to share. Emmanuelle is the daughter of legendary Loire producer Alphonse Mellot. She was raised in the family business and developed, over her many years, wonderful relationships with the growers that her family domaine would purchase grapes from. When Alphonse wanted to hand over the business, he gave the winemaking task to his son. Not that unusual and his son too had been working with his father running the family business. Now when we introduce another, outside, say sister-in-law type person, well that is when things got a little murky and Emmanuelle was inspired to take a leap into her own venture. Dude. Dudes, we are so lucky she did! Using long term relationships with growers Emmanuelle was able to procure a small amount of grapes from her most cherished appellations withing the Loire, Vouvray being one of them. This vintage sparkling Vouvray is made from 100% Chenin Blanc and is Emmanuelle’s first release under her own project. It’s stunning. Explosive, expansive, layered, texturally beguiling and tremendously long! This is top notch winemaking here and to capture the soul of Vouvray dancing along, in a bubble across the palate, what a treat.

$32.99 per bottle


2014 Gagnard Grand Lys Cremant De Bourgogne

Now we often hear that this wine or that tastes of, “sparkling white Burgundy” and while I get the idea it very rarely rings true. That said, this Gagnard Grand Lys drinks like white Burgundy. Rich and nutty like Meursault. Focused and laser sharp like Puligny-Montrachet. All the while skipping like a light stone across your palate. This is NOT a wine for “I just like it bubbly!” crowd, this is a wine for the, “I’m looking for something serious to take home and spend the night with” set. Toasty, doughy, browned butter, green leaves, white flowers, orange cooked into delicate shreds and kissed with vanilla and lemon syrup. Just a monster of a sexy beast that we were only able to procure 2 cases of. Get it while you can.

$53.99 per bottle


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