Spotlight on the Craft Rum Boom

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Spotlight on the Craft Rum Boom

For years, craft rums have been touted as the Next Big Thing in fine spirits. That time has finally come, and we're hosting a rum tasting to prove it!

Last month we brought back our monthly liquor tastings in a big way, re-launching it with the hottest things around right now: Bourbon and rye whiskey.


For this month, we’re going to explore what we think is the next big thing:  Craft Rum.


Rum has been around for centuries, primarily throughout the Caribbean islands. Despite being around for so long, we’re finding ourselves in a bit of a Rum Revolution. As craft spirits are becoming increasingly prevalent, rum is evolving. It’s becoming more complex and delicious, getting the same craft treatment as Bourbon and some other fine spirits.


Barrel aging and other elements are creating a complexity long-lost in the rum world. This renaissance of-sorts is taking place mainly in the premium category of rum. While the rum industry only grew 0.2% as a whole last year, the premium category grew 9%, largely due to the craft rum boom.


Rum is basically the last spirit to go through this craft/premium boom, and is likely to go through what gin went through just years ago.


So, if you want to be hip to the next big thing in the spirits world, don’t miss out on a night featuring around a dozen of the hottest new rums in the market. It’s going to be the next Bourbon, but at a fraction of the cost, and who doesn’t love that?


Give Delius Restaurant a call right away so you don't miss out on this amazing night!





Wednesday March 28, 2018

Tasting Begins at 7:30 p.m. 


Delius Restaurant

2951 Cherry Avenue  Signal Hill, CA 90755

For Reservations call Delius Restaurant at (562) 426-0694

We Recommend Eating a Light Dinner Before the Tasting.  Delius Restaurant offers a 10% discount to seminar attendees who dine beforehand.






  1. Randall  Kemner Randall Kemner

    Adam, that's a great suggestion. Sometimes the list of spirits isn't finalized until the week before the event, but we should be able to give an indication of what we're pouring earlier than that. I'll pass your comment on to Nick Larson, our spirits buyer, and we'll get on it.--Randy Kemner

  2. Adam Adam

    Is there any chance you could post a list of the spirits you'll be tasting at these events? I love the idea of these tastings, but I'd really like to know, for $35, what I'm going to be getting (both in terms of how many, and in terms of answering the question of "have I already tried a lot of them?")

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