Summer Crushers--Beers for Warmer Weather

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Summer Crushers--Beers for Warmer Weather

Summertime is finally upon us. That means more picnics, beach days and long hot days. Stop on by The Wine Country and grab something that perfectly complements the weather.  Go with something light, crisp, and refreshing to the taste. It’s best to stick with something lower in alcohol by volume, and no matter your style preference we can find something that will appease your taste buds.


IPA drinker? Shoot for a session IPA or “SIPA” typically coming in around 5.5%ABV or lower while still having that great and delicious hop flavor that we’ve all become accustom to. Good grab for this style is Pizza Port Brewing “Ponto” Session IPA at 4.5%.


Light lager or pilsner type? We have a plethora of options here given that most brews in this style are going to perfectly fit that mold. Good grabs at The Wine Country include (but most certainly not limited to) Imperial Western “Union Station” Lager at 4.7% this beer is easily crushable and like Lays potato chips would say, bet you can’t have just one. Also check out Sudwerk “People’s Pilsner” is a light and crisp, ridiculously refreshing pilsner coming in at 5.3%.


Maybe you prefer the more fruity and tart stuff? Aim for a nice and easy kettle sour. Fruity and smooth, I can’t think of a better beer to ‘crush’ in the summer heat! Good grab at The Wine Country are Wild Barrel Vice “POG” and “Strawberry” berliner weisse. Coming in at 5.2% and 5.6% respectively, these are the ultimate picnic beers.


If you’d like to find some more suggestions on these styles, check out our Summer Crushers tasting on August 21st and sample a wide variety of lighter and delicious libations!  Cost is just $25, but seating is limited.  Make your reservations now (562) 597-8303.


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