Thanksgiving Day and Beer: Matches Made in Heaven

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Thanksgiving Day and Beer:  Matches Made in Heaven

While wine seems to dominate the Thanksgiving beverage conversation, beer lovers may be surprised to learn that many of their favorite styles have a place at the table.

November is here, which means a few things: the weather is cooling down, the scarves are coming out, and your Ugg boots will soon make their 2018 debut. It also means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner! So put on your flannel and grab a pumpkin spice latte to keep you warm as you browse our beer cooler for styles that will match up perfectly with your Thanksgiving weekend.


Your alarm goes off on Thursday the 22nd and you roll over and hit the snooze button a few extra times because…why not? It’s a holiday! You finally roll out of bed around 9:30, slide into your house slippers, sit on the couch, and turn on the TV just in time to catch kick off for the Bears and Lions. But something isn’t right. Who watches football without a beer in hand? You know you have a full day of football, and meal prep so you need something that will allow you to keep your wheels turning. Remember, today is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep it light.

For morning and mid-day football, I suggest a nice crisp pilsner. Something with plenty of flavor, but moderately low in alcohol by volume (ABV5). Try grabbing some Almanac “Vibes Pilsner” or a Los Angeles Ale Works “Salt Bae.” At 5.3% and 5.6% ABV respectfully, these beers are easy drinking, they have lots of flavor, and they are very crushable!

Now comes the meal prep!  Time to prep that bird, glaze the ham, chop the veggies, and get ready for the full feast headed your way! For this, I’d recommend something with a little more bite. Making this large and extravagant meal can be cumbersome, so let’s break out something fun and make it more enjoyable. Lean toward a well crafted hazy IPA. Good grabs here at The Wine Country could be Refuge “Cloud 7” (7.2%ABV) or Offshoot “Relax It’s Just A Hazy IPA” (6.8%ABV).


Time to eat! The proper beer pairing here can take your wonderfully made Thanksgiving dinner to the next level! What to pair here all depends on what your favorite part of the meal is. Try these suggestions:

Turkey: pair this with the nice spices of a saison. Try the Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales “iO” rose petal saison (6.8%ABV).

Ham:  partner this with a nice Belgian ale. Try Trappistes Rochefort “6 Belgian Ale” (7.5%ABV).

Stuffing: This nice bready dish pairs perfectly with a good malty American brown ale. Try Eagle Rock “2 North” (5.0%ABV).

Sweet potato mash: accessorize this wonderful dish with a vanilla cream ale. Try Mother Earth “Cali Creamin” (5.0%ABV).

Pecan pie: match this up with a nice coffee stout. Try Founders “Breakfast Stout” (8.3% ABV).

Vanilla bean ice-cream: nothing says “I dominated this Thanksgiving dinner” better than American strong ale. Go with Arrogant Brewing “Arrogant Bastard Ale” (7.2%ABV).


And there you have it! You made it through Thanksgiving day with the proper beer in hand! Cheers!


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