The Magnificent Champagnes of Cyril Bonnet

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The Magnificent Champagnes of Cyril Bonnet

Specializing in Grower Champagnes as we have for two decades, we've become close to several small elite producers. One of them, Cyril Bonnet, crafts small amounts of gorgeous, spine-tingling Champagne from Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards.

In med-February we were delighted to have as a special guest 6-generation winemaker for Champagne Bonnet-Ponson, Cyril Bonnet.  Cyril had visited us once before and we were forever charmed by his enthusiasm, welcoming demeanor and sheer passion for the wines of his family domaine.  The second the handsome young Cyril walked in the room we were all transfixed, first by his personality and then by the beautiful wines he had created!


The wines of Bonnet-Ponson are classic in style.  Show some lovely, but mild, bready/yeasty notes, purity of fruit and textures that are wonderfully creamy.  It was a true treat to have Cyril here once again and for those of you that were not fortunate enough to be charmed by Cyril in person, you can still delight in the beauty of his gorgeous Champagnes!


N.V. Bonnet-Ponson 1er Cru Champagne Brut Non-Dosage

This dry and vibrant blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with zero added sugar or dosage was produced by young Cyril Bonnet at the request of his west coast importer. The tremendous interest in low to no dosage Champagnes have shot through the roof over the past few years so the importer wanted something in that realm to offer but didn’t want to look outside the Bonnet-Ponson estate. The ripeness of the fruit used keeps this lean wine from coming off too austere or tangy. Nice appley fruit with a light and lifted finish.

$38.99 per bottle


2008 Bonnet-Ponson 1er Cru Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs

Cyril Bonnet was doing a tasting event here at The Wine Country and he had to correct my tasting sheet as I had this Blanc de Blancs listed non-vintage, (N.V.). He pointed out that very tiny, at the bottom of the label there is a vintage. He also mentioned that I was not the first to make that error, so I suspect there might be a change in packaging coming soon. Crystal clean, citrus driven with a sassy tang upfront. The creamy mid palate leans far ore into the apple end of the flavor spectrum and the finish is all cream and buttered yeast rolls. Bring on the seafood.

$52.99 per bottle


N.V. Bonnet-Ponson 1er Cru Champagne Brut Rosé

Finding any Brut Rose Champagne under $40 is quite the feat but finding one this generous and giving for less than $40?! Nearly impossible. Dark red fruit with gobs of doughy, bready notes. Nice and silky on the palate with hints of cranberry and sweet custard. Such an easy wine to fall in love with. Top that with the fact that this family is in its 6th generation of making Champagne in their village, and they are remarkably kind and charming folks, well it is winning all around.

$38.99 per bottle


2009 Jules Bonnet Grand Cru Champagne Extra Brut Blanc de Noirs

This is one of the more generous of the Extra Bruts we have in stock right now. Luscious, red fleshed fruit, roasted nuts, honeycomb and red apple skin fill the palate right away, then the more subtle citrusy notes come though on the back end. The bead of bubbles is super fine and the finish crisp and crave inducing. There is enough texture here to make this a stunning partner for heartier dishes and strongly flavored cheeses.

$59.99 per bottle


2004 Jules Bonnet Grand Cru Champagne Extra Brut Blanc de Noirs (Magnum)

We tasted this exact same wine on Cyril Bonnet’s visit last year but this is a wine that is disgorged per order so the wine in the bottle here is an entirely different wine than the magnums we got last year. To be honest, I was stunned by its beauty. The nose is so floral it reminds me of the wild wisteria that blooms all over Burgundy and the Loire Valley in France. Poached stone fruits cooked in honey and holiday spicing, graham cracker crust and warmed butter. The bubbles are so tiny you almost don’t notice them. This wine drinks like great Burgundy. That’s the good news. The sad news is we only have a couple bottles left and the winery is sold out. Get this striking bottle as soon as you can!

$131.99 per magnum


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