CRAFT BEER NEWS: The Sweet Thing About Sour Beer

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CRAFT BEER NEWS:  The Sweet Thing About Sour Beer

Admittedly, European-inpired sour beers are not made for everyone, yet there is a growing fan base for these unique specialty craft ales.

Sour beer is a completely unique beer style that is purposely acidic or tart to the taste. Like beer in general, sour beer is an acquired taste. Though sometimes it is an easy transition for some wine drinkers.  There are many different styles of sour beer. However, here are some of the most popular, and best-selling sour ales here at The Wine Country.



A spontaneously-fermented beer typically made around the area of Brussels Belgium. The wart is left to cool over night and exposed to the open air during the winter and spring then put into barrels to ferment and age. Often times several batches will be blended together making the Gueze style. Other times they are secondarily fermented with fruits making another style called Kriek.


Good grabs at The Wine Country include:

Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze  375ml/750ml - $13.99/$26.99

Cascade Kriek 2017 500ml - $14.99


Berliner Weisse

Berliner Weisse’s are typically a little lower in alcohol by volume and made sour through the use of lactobacillus bacteria. They are typically made with fruit or fruit syrup to help balance out the taste.

A good grab at The Wine Country is typically which ever Wild Barrel Brewing Vice we have in stock. They like to do all sorts of different flavor profiles which is fun and always keeps you on your toes. They are 16oz cans and always come in at $4.49 per can.


Barrel Aged American Sour Ale

These are naturally conditioned mixed-culture sour ales often aged in oak barrels with fruit to create a tart yet delicious and refreshing finish.

A good grab at The Wine Country is always the Almanac Sournova series. They change the fruit out regularly and always knock it out of the park. The most current edition is the Apricot Sournova which comes in a 16oz can for $4.99.


Sour beers are a unique style with tons of versatility. If you haven’t tried one yet, grab one on your next trip in. And don’t forget to sign up for this month's BeerVenture all about sour beer on June 19th!  Phone (562) 597-8303 for reservations.




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