Trending New Bubblies: Petilant Naturel

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Trending New Bubblies:  Petilant Naturel


Lightly sparkling wine that is relatively low in alcohol and usually contains some residual sugar, made by the Méthode Ancestrale.  The style has been enthusiastically embraced by producers of natural wine who have coined the term Pet-Nat for it.  The first AOC created specifically for a style that has become increasingly fashionable in the 21st century was Montlouis Pétilant Naturel but a wide range of very varied examples are now made all over the world of wine--The Oxford Companion to Wine


N.V. Tenute Del Garda SottoSopra, Garda Italy

Now, before you go thinking you are through the looking glass, I assure you that your eyes are not playing tricks and there was no disaster during the labeling for this Italian sparkler, it was by design. Sotto-Sopra translates into upside-down, a suggestion as to how to store this uber-natural sparkler before opening it to serve. Made from Gropello grapes grown near Lake Garda, the secondary fermentation takes place and is left inside the bottle rather than being disgorged like nearly every other sparkling wine on the planet. They recommend two ways of opening, one the storing upside down to gather all the sediment before popping the crown cap and quickly removing the rubber plug while holding the bottle upside down allowing the gathered plug to be expelled. One could do that but we suggest storing it upright and giving the wine a slow shake in circles to mix the yeast and particulates back into the fizzy wine. Cloudy, no sulfur, tangy lemon rind on the nose with peaches and basil all over the finish. Cool little natural wine that begs for veggies and cured meat plates.

$24.99 per bottle


2018 Onward Winery Malvasia Bianca Petillant Naturel, Suisun Valley, California

Faith Armstrong, winemaker for Onward is from British Columbia and would ride her dingy to school every morning, Onward was the name of that trusted dingy. This wild PetNat made from the aromatic Malvasia Bianca is quite he bubbly ride indeed. A naturally cloudy sparkler with obvious sediment on the bottom, the aromas here go from bruised peach, to wild herbs, to slightly fermenting pears. Small and gentle bead with plenty of mouth puckering tang. A wonderful wine for cheese plate and cured meat plates.

$22.99 per bottle


N.V. Christoph Hock Kalkspitz Petillant Naturel, Austria

 Now this is one for the wine nerds for sure!  It's made from a blend of Gruner Veltliner, Zweigelt, Sauvignon Blanc, Blauer Portugesier and Muscat Ottonel, you know, all those everyday varieties. Christoph Hoch traveled to Champagne to study with some of the foremost organic and natural wine producers there, knowing he had enough chalk in his soil to mimic those of some of the great regions in Champagne. Kalkspitz translates to, “Kalk =’s Chalk and Spitz =’s Acidity, so this is a wine with chalky acid and plenty of zing. Full of green apple skin, herbs, fennel and loaded with lemon rind, this is a racy number without a doubt! Goat cheese, shellfish, grilled chicken and lovely with grilled veggies.

$25.99 per bottle


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