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Review Bubble Up Lemon Lime Soda, Jasper, Indiana

Bubble Up Lemon Lime Soda, Jasper, Indiana

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Bubble Up, whose advertising slogan "A Kiss of Lemon, A Kill of Lime", has been around as a lemon-lime soda since 1938, but achieved superstar status in the 1960s as a direct competitor to 7 Up, kind of like the Pepsi-Coke cola wars.  7 Up prevailed and Bubble Up receded into memory, having been sold several times to various beverage companies over the decades. 


When we discovered Bubble Up in one of our supplier's catalogs, we decided to sample it alongside its more famous competitor 7 Up.  We gave the thumbs-up to this retro favorite, due largely to the fact that Bubble Up is sweetened with cane sugar, the real thing, and the taste is just more satisfying.

The Wine Country.
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