Cirotte 2014 Sancerre Grand Chema
Cirotte 2014 Sancerre Grand Chema

Cirotte 2014 Sancerre Grand Chema

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Somewhere in the holiday bustle this flinty little Sancerre slipped in and I was too busy to give it the proper signage and attention it truly deserves. To this wine, and to you my dear Loire wine lover, I am here to sincerely apologize. That it might be my lack of focus that has kept you from this wine, well that right there breaks a wine merchant’s heart. It is my great pleasure to introduce you to this thrilling wine from Joel and Sylvie Cirotte. You ever splash a good squeeze of fresh lemon on an oyster and when it hits your lips you get this perfect harmony of briny ocean kissed flesh, wet stone/shell and then the sharp tang of fresh lemon? Well that is what this wine reminds me of. Big flavor but a nice lean body and tingly texture. I love it on its own but this wine loves seafood and goat cheeses as well.

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