Cune 2014 Monopole Blanco Clasico Seco, Rioja
Cune 2014 Monopole Blanco Clasico Seco, Rioja

Cune 2014 Monopole Blanco Clasico Seco, Rioja

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This is a very special wine from the historical CVNE winery in Rioja.  Their Monopole wine was the first marketed white wine in Spain back in 1915 but it was produced in a unique, drier style than the current fruit forward style that became more popular in the 80’s.  2015 marked the 100 year anniversary of the wine so they brought back their winemaker from the 1940’s through 1970’s to produce the Monopole wine in the historic classic style once again.  Monopole Clàsico wine is aged in used Sherry wine barrels and they add a little Manzanilla Sherry to the wine to add structure and savory salty notes.  The wine is still very fresh and lively but extremely elegant with the complexity to handle a wide variety of foods.  I had this wine with white asparagus and artichokes which are extremely difficulty vegetables to pair wine with and they were a beautiful match but the wine screams out for shellfish and seafood.  –Kevin Lepisto, Buyer

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