Domaine de Noire 2018 Chinon "Dolia" Loire Valley
Domaine de Noire 2018 Chinon "Dolia" Loire Valley

Domaine de Noire 2018 Chinon "Dolia" Loire Valley


100% Organic Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley that knocked us all to our knees. Absolutely stunning wine with a velvet touch.

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Know how to silence a gaggle of wine nerds? Pour a glass of this Chinon in their glass. We were a full on nerd herd, our noses buried in the glass, guttural groans of utter wine bliss escaping from each of us. It’s not everyday that the French buyer, Italian/Spanish/German buyer and our New World wine buyer all lose it for the same bottle but with this Domaine De Noire Chinon, we were goners. 100% Cabernet Franc grown, organically, in chalky, mineral rich soils by Jean-Max Manceau, a native of the village of Chinon. The name Dolia is a reference to the amphora/terracotta pots used to make this amazingly elegant, luscious red wine. Deeply extracted, dark purple in the glass and the aromas come like an explosion of fresh fruit, purple flowers and a hint of earth. Silky and rich in the mouth with the intrusion of clunky oak, just pure, sumptuous and so easy to drink. Think steak, with beans in rich stock with dried herbs, lamb, roasted mushrooms or, just another glass. Amazing wine. Period.

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