Dominique Belluard 2018 "Les Alpes" White Wine, Savoie
Dominique Belluard 2018 "Les Alpes" White Wine, Savoie

Dominique Belluard 2018 "Les Alpes" White Wine, Savoie


Organic Gringet from the French alps.

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Hey, you looking for another Gringet to add to your rotation? I mean, isn't everyone?! Yeah, we had never heard of the little planted white variety before either, and there are some serious wine nerds here, and Randy, the store owner who has been in the wine business forty years had never tasted or heard of a Gringet. So, here's the skinny as it were, there are only 75 acers of this cold climate loving white variety, that's for the world, and Mr. Belluard owns about half, and it is most often used to make sparkling wines. 

Dominique does make a sparkling Gringet but it this still white that gets the wine nerds in a tizzy. Wildly aromatic wines that wavers from savory to fruity and back again. Intensely nutty with a blast of cereal-like aromas that had me thinking, "Cheerios!" before the quince and herbal notes came back again. Quite full on the palate with more toasted hazelnuts and salted stone fruit and just at the point where you think it might be too weighty, a blast of lemon zest comes barreling through to zip it up beautifully. Luscious in texture but in no way is this a luscious, slurpable wine. No, this is a wine for contemplation and investigation. You want a slab of salty, gooey cheese or cured meat, or even some smoked fish or seafood and a few hours to taste this feral beast unfold.  Very cool wine and quite rare, we were given just 12 bottles for the vintage. 

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