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Review Don Felix Tequila Anejo, Jalisco

Don Felix Tequila Anejo, Jalisco

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Rich caramel and lean agave herbalness up front. Soft smokiness and vanilla on the finish.

Named after Felix Banuelos, who started Hacienda Vieja in 1973, this Añejo from Arandas Jalisco is one of my favorite Tequilas I have ever had. Surprisingly light in color for being barrel aged for thirty-two months, but in no way is it light in flavors. Deep rich notes of caramel greet the palate first, lean herbal notes follow up cutting down on the richness of the caramel just a bit. With a combination of slight smokiness and soft vanilla notes on the finish, this Añejo is dangerously smooth. So don’t be surprised if you look at the bottle at the end of the night and see less it in than you expected there to be.

The Wine Country.
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