Fortaleza Tequila Blanco
Fortaleza Tequila Blanco

Fortaleza Tequila Blanco


Mild smokiness accompanied by slight herbal (almost like tea leaves) flavors. Hint of vanilla on the finish.

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Commonly when a Blanco Tequila is enjoyed, it is either in shot form along with salt and lime, lemon if you’re real desperate or in a Margarita. None of that is needed when drinking Fortaleza Blanco Tequila. A mild creaminess coats your palate leading to a very pleasant mouthfeel. Delicate notes of salt and robust flavors of the Agave come out, giving it a somewhat earthen rustic profile. The creaminess lingers allowing the drink to be very smooth. While I think this Tequila would be a shame to just shoot back, this is the shot of Tequila Blanco you give to people when you want to prove not all Blancos are created equal. And it will keep you away from anything called “Silver” again.

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