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Review I Clivi 2018 R_B_L_ Brut Nature Sparkling White Wine, Italy

I Clivi 2018 R_B_L_ Brut Nature Sparkling White Wine, Italy

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Natural wine from Friuli Italy. Brut nature from Ribolla Gialla, this wine offers dynamic aromatic and a chalky, super mineral, tart palate. Great paired with rich, fatty foods as it cuts the richness with all that tang!

In Friuli, the region in Italy where this unique little sparkler comes from, they are not permitted to put the varietal on the label if the wines are sparkling. I Clivi was clever enough to sneak in the R_B_L on there to indicate that this wine is made from the regions beloved Ribolla Gialla. A fascinating white wine with wonderful almond and floral notes and a sexy oily texture. This bone dry sparkler is a Brut Nature so there is no sugar added which leaves you with a lip-smacking purity of tart and exotic fruit and slightly nutty flavors. This wine wants richer cheeses or salty cured meat to help coax even more pure fruit from the glass. Super fun and slightly nerdy. 

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