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Review Ichiros Malt & Grain Whisky, Japan

Ichiros Malt & Grain Whisky, Japan

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Truly a Worldly Whisky. Ichiro has selected Scotch, Canadian, Irish AND American Whiskies that have been aged 3-20 years in their respective countries and then are aged for 2-3 additional years at the distillery in Chichibu.

Being a Whisky of the World, there is no surprise any fan of Whisk(e)y can find something they enjoy in this bottle. The bright pop of Rye spice from Canada partners with the delicate smokiness from the peat. A slight minerality combines with flavors of caramel apple and dark coco powder. Almost like the U.N. of Whiskies, whether you're a fan of Scotch, Irish Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey or Bourbon, you can find peace with this libation.

The Wine Country.
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