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Review Iuli 2018 "Natalin" Natural Red Wine, Italy

Iuli 2018 "Natalin" Natural Red Wine, Italy

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A nod to Fabrizio’s Grandfather, Giacchino Natale also known as Natalin, Fabrizio has made this 100% Grignolino since it was his grandfather’s favorite wine.

Fabrizio replanted the vines in 2016 on the same hillside his grandfather originally planted on. Aged for 6-8 months in cement before bottling, the ode to grand poppa is a great combination and balance of tart fruit and red fruit. Dark cherry and raspberry, plums and cranberry. This balancing act is done with the finesse of Charles Blondin walking from skyscraper to skyscraper on a tightrope. Since there isn’t a whole lot of tannic structure, the fruit is truly able to shine.

The Wine Country.
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