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Review J. Brix 2020 Stay-In-Bed Red Unfined, Unfiltered , Escondido

J. Brix 2020 Stay-In-Bed Red Unfined, Unfiltered , Escondido

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Combining Merlot (75%), Pinot Meunier (15%) and Syrah (10%) from the Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Maria Valley and San Diego County, the folks at J. Brix aged the juices separately for 6 months in neutral oak before bottling.

The combination for blue berries and black cherries coats the palate giving the wine a full bodied introduction. Even though the wine is aged in neutral oak, you still get some of the spicy woodsy characteristics the juice has pulled out of those staves, making for a medium-dry mid-palate. More dried fruit on the finish, dried cherries and dried plums along with just a touch of vanilla from the oak bring back the full-bodied profile that you were introduced to on your first sip.

The Wine Country.
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