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Review Jeni's Coffee With Cream & Sugar Ice Cream Pint, Ohio

Jeni's Coffee With Cream & Sugar Ice Cream Pint, Ohio

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Direct Trade Intelligentsia coffee beans steeped in cream, then swirled with lush Sweet Cream ice cream. All of the complex flavor and aroma of freshly brewed coffee shines through.

Open a bag of fresh, roasted coffee beans and breathe in. That rich, earthy aroma is exactly how this flavor tastes. Jeni's captures that scent by steeping syrupy and sweet espresso beans—sourced from the Direct Trade coffee pioneers at Chicago-based Intelligentsia—right into cream. Intelligentsia’s roasts, coffee bars, and baristas have earned praise from more publications than anyone can count. And using their high-quality, well-balanced beans makes all the difference. The creamery adds a swirl of Sweet Cream because that’s one of Jeni’s favorite ways to serve coffee ice cream, with a side of sweet cream, like the frothed milk on a cappuccino.

The Wine Country.
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