Kerrygold Irish Cream, Ireland
Kerrygold Irish Cream, Ireland

Kerrygold Irish Cream, Ireland


A Cream liqueur with Whiskey that you can taste! Red apple pairs with creamy milk chocolate and hints of vanilla. Slight whiskey kick at the finish, but is smoothed out by creamy vanilla that coats the palate.

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Yes, this is the same Kerrygold that you see in the Butter section of your grocery store. Using real Irish Whiskey, this Irish Cream Liqueur is full of rich decadent flavors and Whiskey you can taste! Juicy red apple combines with creamy milk chocolate and a hint of vanilla. There is a slight heat from the Whiskey that is blended into this Cream Liqueur, but the creamy milk chocolate and vanilla help keep that heat from being aggressive, so instead of a "hot" finish, it finishes very smoothly.   

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