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Review Kumusha 2020 Sauvignon Blanc Western Cape, South Africa

Kumusha 2020 Sauvignon Blanc Western Cape, South Africa

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Tinashe Nyamudoka says that wine making is not part of African Tradition. But with his Kumusha wines he is trying to make approachable wines that not only those in Africa to enjoy, but those around the world that are looking for Natural Wines at an afford

Bright fruit with a round body, this South African Sauvignon Blanc has tons of depth. Tropical fruit hits the palate first, combination of melon and citrus. Delicate notes of bell pepper and jalapeno add a savory characteristic while white nectarine notes come in to balance out the spice. This isn’t a very acidic wine, but it also doesn’t have a big weight in the mouthfeel. While it is light on the palate, it is not light on flavor.

The Wine Country.
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