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Review Mantensei Kinoko Junmai Ginjo Craft Japanese Sake 720ml

Mantensei Kinoko Junmai Ginjo Craft Japanese Sake 720ml

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The mushrooms on the label let you know what you're in store for when drinking this Junmai Sake.

The Suwa Brewery is located in Tottori, Japan. Their President is Yoshiyasu Sudo, their Master Brewer is Hakuma Kyoji. All their sakes get a 50% polish, in the Kinoko they are using local Tamasakae rice. Kinoko means Mushroom in Japanese, this Sake represents Owner Kuramoto Touda’s passion for mushrooms. Touda-san is a self-proclaimed Fungi Investigator. The Sake has Floral mushroom on the nose that becomes earthy mushroom on the palate. Salinity and soft stone fruit on the finish.

The Wine Country.
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