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Review Nebout 2018 "L'Incompris du Tressallier" Loire Valley

Nebout 2018 "L'Incompris du Tressallier" Loire Valley

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This wine is officially grown in Loire Valley's Saint Pourcain region. A region that at one time popular among kings but did not receive its A.O.C. status until 2009. The region is permitted to grow both Chardonnay and the local variety, Tressallier, Domaine Nebout believes that Chardonnay should not be allowed in the region so they chose to forgo their permitted labeling of Saint Pourcain and instead label as grape which is 100% Tressallier. A rare variety indeed, it is grown in less than 90 acres, in the whole world. A very aromatic wine, showing lots of energetic tangerine, spring flowers and honey. Nice richness on the palate, plenty of weight here but far from being heavy or clumsy. More citrus and honey on the palate but no sweetness beyond that of fresh ripe grapes. Finish is clean, dry and easy. I like this style of wine with intricate foods, things with lots of flavors via herbs or spices, as it doesn't distract and the softer finish is a wonderful place for all that flavor to land.

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