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Review Pithon-Paille 2019 White Wine "Grololo" Loire Valley

Pithon-Paille 2019 White Wine "Grololo" Loire Valley

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Organic, Biodynamic, Natural Wine From Loire Valley.

We already have a feverish following for the Grololo Rouge from this natural wine producing estate. If you’ve ever seen the label on the Grololo Rouge you will absolutely get the humor of this Blanc. The Rouge label in France is a sketching of two girls, topless, referencing the slang for big boobs, or large bunches. Of course that label is not allowed here so they cover the boobs a little with the word Grololo across them. For the Blanc however, they went full topless in the spirit of fun. Made from Melon de Bourgogne (Muscadet grape) Chenin Blanc and a little Sauvignon Blanc, this is a wildly aromatic white. Stone fruits, nuttiness, herbal notes. Round and a little rich on the palate but with just the right amount of acidity. So fun to drink and very limited.

The Wine Country.
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