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Review Rodica 2018 Refosk Saignee Red Sparkling Wine, Slovenia

Rodica 2018 Refosk Saignee Red Sparkling Wine, Slovenia

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If I had to describe this Slovenian sparkling refosco in a few words; Tart and Bramble.

This 100% Refosco sparkling wine has some rich dark fruit notes; figs, blackberries and other that would be considered “brambley”. There is also a tartness that comes in and creates an almost “candied” like profile to the fruit on the back half of the palate. This wine isn’t sweet, but just think about the lightness in fruit flavors tart candies can have, those dark fruits from before (figs, blackberries) have taken on that lightness due to the tartness changing the profile. Tart and bramble were the first notes I put down for this wine when tasting, still think that’s the best way to describe it.    

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