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Review Ryme 2019 Sangiovese Friulano Fox Hill Vineyard, Mendocino

Ryme 2019 Sangiovese Friulano Fox Hill Vineyard, Mendocino

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Our second year making this delicious red/white co-ferment. The 2019 is a translucent cherry red color, bursting with aromatics of cherry flesh, cinnamon and rose water. Please don't confuse this for a full throated Brunello style Sangiovese. It is incred

This wine was inspired by the buoyantly cheerful and luscious Red/White blends made by some of our friends. (Check out Ruth Lewandowski Feints and Sam Vinciullo Merlot/Semillon) It is also a bit of a postmodern homage to the old fiasco bottled Chianti. Large amounts of white grapes, mostly Trebbiano and Malvasia, were once added to Sangiovese in Chianti to soften the tannins and to increase the sugar. Sure, much of those wines were bad. But the idea of serviceable wine made with joy is often not given enough respect. Enough with the rigidly totalitarian point scoring, style regimes, and grape hierarchies! One important idea that Natural Wine has embraced is that a wine can be amazing without be overly contemplative.

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