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Review Shiokawa Nopa Junmai Craft Japanese Sake 720ml

Shiokawa Nopa Junmai Craft Japanese Sake 720ml

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This is a very savory Sake. Lots of depth and a very unique flavor profile.

The Shiokawa Brewery was founded in 1912 and is located in the Niigata Prefecture of Uchinomachi, Japan. Kazuhiro Shiokawa is both the Brewery President and Master Brewer. The only other two employees at the Brewery are Shiokawa-san’s Wife and his cousin. Nopa was created out of Shiokawa-san’s inspiration after making Sake all over the world. Umami up front, think soy/fish sauce with mushrooms. Subtle orange zest leads to minerality which actually helps make the orange zest more vibrant on the finish.

The Wine Country.
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