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Review Smallfry 2020 Grenache Cinsault "Ecelctik Violet", Australia

Smallfry 2020 Grenache Cinsault "Ecelctik Violet", Australia

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Rich dark fruit, slight barnyard funk. This red blend natural wine is a great example of not being too funky, but having some of those characteristics people expect from natural wines.

This Grenache and Cinsault blend, (60%/40% respectfully) has a little bit of everything for fans of natural wines with a little funk to them. Rich notes of plums, light hints of barnyard and a touch of tobacco leaf all are introduced to the palate up front. While the barnyard characteristic stays throughout, more roasted cherry fruit and raspberries comes out on the finish, along with lighter acidity, it allows the barnyard to linger along with the fruit.

The Wine Country.
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