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Review Subject to Change 2021 FKA! Field Blend Red, Mendocino

Subject to Change 2021 FKA! Field Blend Red, Mendocino

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This is a blend of Merlot (40%), Pinotage (38%) and Chardonnay (22%).

The Chardonnay and Pinotage were co-fermented with half the fruit being uncrushed and whole clusters and the other half direct-pressed and left on the skins for 9 days. The Merlot was destemmed before fermentation. The co-fermented wine and the Merlot both spend 6 months aging before being blended together. Resulting in a wine with flavors of dark cherries, pluots and raspberries. The mouthfeel of the wine has a candied profile to it, like that coating that is left in your mouth after eating a jolly rancher or sucker. The candied mouthfeel allows those rich dark fruit flavors to stay light on the palate. Along with the acidity that the wine has, the overall profile is light for how much fruit there is.

The Wine Country.
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